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Sporting scarves, miniscarves and tubular jacquards


Tessilpeialta has been operating for more than 40 years in the textile sector and in the last 30 years it has specialised in the production of jacquard  sporting scarves, thanks to a continuous cooperation with important companies, sporting societies and distributors in Italy and for the foreign countries.

The three articles presented (scarves, miniscarves, and tubular jacquards) represent our collections dedicated to fans of different teams as well as to the promotion of new products or  important companies.

Our creativity, our availability to develop new products and the punctuality of our deliveries (are our distinctive marks/ are pour strong points/ mark our company).

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Tessilpeialta di Bosio Elisabetta - Via Don Brignoli, 14 - 24020 Peia (BG - Bergamo) - Italy
tel e fax: +39 035731469 - info@tessilpeialta.it


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